The School Year

This school year has been very fun.   So far the whole school has done Missoulla Children`s theater, The loonie auction  Halloween haunted house and class party, and secret Santa and class party.  But my favourite was missoulla children`s theater.

We did a Missoulla children`s theater play two years in a row.  Last year we did black beard the pirate and this year we did Rapunzel.  This years play was really fun because I was a potato.  before we started the play we all got to pig out on pizza.  I love doing plays with Missoulla children`s theater because every year they are super funny. 

This year we also did a loonie auction.  the loonie action is a place where you can go to win awesome stuff that people donate.  all you do is buy as many tickets as you want and each ticket is a dollar and you can put those tickets in little boxes.  and at the end of the loonie auction people do draws and pull out names and whoever gets there name pulled out wins whatever they put there ticket in for.  This year I didn`t win anything but it is still really fun to go and see what other people win.  

Another fun thing we did this school year was a Christmas party it was a lot of fun because we did dances and had food all over the tables.  We also did secret Santa this year and I got lots of chocolate.  

And lastly The Halloween party.  On Halloween the whole class celebrated by doing halloween party and haunted house.  all of students council helped in the haunted house as groups of kids from the school were walking through.  we would take the kids through the haunted house and show them around where somebody is about to scare them.

So far this year has been amazing and fun and I hope when I go to NISS next year they can do things that are just as awesome!!

My Persuasive Essay


There are a lot of things in the world that can cause death, and smoking cigarettes is a big part.  I think smoking cigarettes should be illegal because of these reasons, death, illness, and being a poor model.

My First reason that smoking should be illegal is because smoking can cause cancer or even death.  Smoking causes 1 in every five deaths in the U.S every year.  Every day at least 4000 teenagers smoke their first cigarette.  Over 30% of cancer can be avoided by staying away from cigarettes.  If you are an addicted smoker you can end up spending all your money on cigarettes and end up being poor. 

Despite the fact that smoking causes death, 35% of the world smokes.  Every cigarette you smoke decreases your expected life span by 11 minutes.  15 billion cigarettes are smoked worldwide every day.  Smoking makes your hair turn grey faster.  8.6 million people in the U.S live with a serious illness caused by smoking.

Another big thing is when your children see someone doing something like smoking they are likely to start when they are older.  A cigarette contains 4,800 chemicals and 69 of them are known to cause cancer.  The first European who was taught to smoke by the natives went back to Europe and got arrested because people thought he was possessed by the devil.

I would hate to see someone start smoking because it is pretty much making a good life turn into a bad one.  I also think that smoking is very dangerous because of death, illness, and being a poor model and don’t you think that the government should ban smoking because all it is doing is causing a cycle of death!!

The Sleepover That Changed Our Lives!!

One day after a fun time at tween centre my friend Jason and I were just walking on the street back to my awesome sweet house that I like to call my home.  After a little bit of walking this cool looking guy with sunglasses and a mustache named my uncle D.J. pulled up beside us and said “Hey wanna ride” so Jason and hopped into that awesome Dodge Charger and started going super fast on 1st street until we got to the hardware store because there is sharp corners and stuff like that.  When we got to that awesome sweet house that I like to call my home we all hung out on the beach and started playing Bear Grills on the mud flats.  When the water started to surround the little bit of mud we were standing on I started using my best Australian ascent and said “we only have minutes to survive” but eventually the water came and covered all of the mud flat we could play on so then Jason and I went inside my awesome sweet house I like to call my home and started playing video games like Black Ops 2 in my living room but eventually my mother aka my made wanted to watch some t.v.  so we brought the x box up stairs into my room and hooked it up to my 28 inch flat screen t.v. and played the rest of the night out until around 1:30 then we went to sleep. In the morning we woke up and went downstairs to eat breakfast we had sausages and pancakes they were mm…mm delicious then of course Jason had to go home.  THE END

My Opinion Piece

I think that Sointula should open up a new arcade.  I think we should get a new arcade because it would be more entertaining for people in Sointula.  Some really entertaining things about having an arcade would be the pac man game and the claw game.  the only reason I really like the claw game is because you can win stuffed animals and stuff like that.  Another reason Sointula should have a new arcade is because it would probably bring more tourists to and more people will know about Sointula.

All about me

My Name is Justin.  My hair is blonde and long and I have hazel eyes.

My Favourite hobby is dirt biking.  On my dirt bike I do wheelies  burn outs, and really awesome jumps.  My other favourite hobby is video games. My favourite  video game is Call Of Duty Black Ops.  

My favourite clothing brand is DC I think that I only like DC is because of its logo.  I also really like the brand FOX I also think its because of its logo. 

I really like to go outside in the forest and find super cool things like really big earth worms, snakes, frog ponds, and really cool birds.  I really like being outside.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister and a mom and dad.  So my family is pretty much just 6 people including me.  

My favourite Holiday is Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines day.  I like Christmas because I get to hang out with my family and have a lot of fun with them and my cousin will come and visit.  I like Halloween because I get to scare a lot of people and its really funny.  I like Valentines day because me and my friends always have a little party at school and do dances and we have a lot of food that’s pretty much my favourite part the food

My Dirt Bike

I Have a dirt bike. Its red white and black.  It has three gears and its a traveling bike.  It goes really fast. I ride it in my yard, on my beach, at camp grounds, and with my cousin on his grandpa’s track.  I do wheelies, jumps, and skids.  I some times double with my friend and one time I even tripled with him and his little sister.  My favourite place to ride it is at my cousins grandpa’s because there is so many jumps and I can get a lot of air.  My second favourite place to ride it is at the camp grounds because I can find anything there like jumps and cliffs to ride off of.  And my last favourite place to ride is on the mud flats on the beach because its a nice wide open space.  Here is a picture thats like the bike I have.

Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier is a french famous explorer.   Cartier was the one who discovered the St. Lawrence river. Cartier was 65 when he died and he was born September 1/1491 and he got married in 1520. Cartier made a huge wooden cross with the french lilies on it and he set it up on the coast of cape britton.  Also, back when Cartier was alive people could catch a gum infecting disease called scurvy and die because of it.  and Cartier also saw hundreds of his men die because of scurvy. Cartier died because of something called typhus, also known as ship fever.

Fashion show

Today Justin is wearing a beret.  Justin picked the beret because it was the only thing he thoght was cool.  As you can see it is black wich is his signitur color.   the the beret`s are usully made out of hand nited woll.  some of the places it was warn was in Northern europe, ancient crete, and Italy. This is my picture of me in a beret.